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The online course that teaches you how to get your first 1k email subscribers and make your first $1k from your blog, in 60 days!

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"Your First 1K was a huge game changer for me, it helped me to actually be strategic about my email list which resulted in it growing from around 400 when I started the course to nearly 2,000 six months later.

Your First 1K also kick started the creation of my first online course, The InDesign Field Guide, which earned $20,000 in it's first launch (just 6 months after starting Your First 1K.

In Your First 1K, I also got to know 2 other designers who had been acquaintances before, and we've now formed a mastermind group where we chat daily about our current projects, get feedback + advice about our businesses, and we even met up for a retreat this year and had a blast planning + scheming for the new year. Our mastermind has been an incredible benefit to all of us, and it all started in Your First 1K.Your course was a great foundation for me to learn about strategic list building and product creation in an easy-to-follow format that I could apply to my business right away. The Slack group is so great. Thanks for all the work you put into it, it's been a fabulous resource for me, and many others."

 - Kelsey Baldwin, www.paperandoats.com


"I got 1000 followers in 59 days with 3 opt-ins. I did a few Facebook live videos instead of webinars. I only marketed to a few targeted groups."

 - Lia Kurtin Sip, www.CommunicationMilestonesLLC.com