Not sure which program is right for you?

Your First 1K is perfect for beginners. Read the table below to see the DIFFERENCE between Your First 1K and Launch Your Signature Course and find out which program is right for you!

WHAT'S DIFFERENT? In Your First 1K you will validate your idea, get some launching experience, and make your first few sales. Ultimately the focus is for list-building now that will lead to sales later. You'll get your footing first, create your first paid product, and build your audience. Your First 1K is primarily a list-building course - the focus is about 80% list-building and 20% on creating and launching your small digital product. In YF1K, you'll start pre-selling within 14 days and the entire program can be done in 60 days. This program is about executing a BIG launch witha premium course. You can skip YF1K and do LYSC first if you already have 1000+ subscribers, if you've worked with many people 1-1 and have past clients, if you've been teaching in-person classes and are pre-validated, or if you already have an established blog, book, platform, or social media presence or brand to monetize. The timeline for LYSC is a little bit longer, it is designed to take 90 days to complete.
THE PRODUCT The YF1K product is easily delivered and editable, such as a downloadable template, 4-week paid email course, or live virtual workshop with slides. The digital product will be easy to update and edit based on feedback you receive. Expect this product to change with the feedback you get. The first product is in the $50 - $97 price range. In LYSC you create a premium video course in a hosted course platform, includes videos, PDf downloads, and other resources. The course you create in LYSC is in the $500 - $1000+ price range.
LIST-BUILDING In YF1K, we teach all organic and free list-building methods. First you implement "Foundation" strategies (optimizing your site, landing pages, and social media). Then you'll implement "Blitz" strategies such as guest posts, webinars, and giveaways. You'll learn how to implement lead magnets, landing pages, content upgrades, guest posting methods, how to do list building webinars and so much more. In LYSC, students only focus on activities such as webinars, giveaways, and a course-specific lead magnet.
THE LAUNCH With YF1K, your launch revenue goal is $1k. Since it's your first launch we keep it simple but effective: Email sequence, blog posts, and social media. You will do a pre-sale to validate your idea. In LYSC your launch goal is $5K - $10k+. The launches become a bit more involved: Emails, webinars, and multiple forms of urgency. You will add in joint venture webinars, live streaming, and 4-6 weeks of strategic pre-launch hype.
SOFTWARE INVESTMENT You'll spend less than $50-$100 for the tech - all you need is just a website and email service You'll spend around $300-$500 for the software, equipment, and other things you might need to create a premium course.
THE PURPOSE In YF1K, you'll prove to yourself that you can really do this. It's product validation but also validation in yourself. You'll have the confidence and capital to invest in future launches. This first course or product can either become the introductory product in your product suite (such as the $97 product that leads into your $500+ product). Or the product you create can be refined, expanded, and developed into your "signature course". The process of launching and running this first small product will reveal to you if your customers want more from this product, or if it's a first step into a bigger product you will create for your Signature Course. This bigger launch and the premium asset you've created allows you to take your business full-time and out of the "side-gig" stage. This course you've created is your signature asset - it is created once and then launched many times, with minor tweaking and updates.