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Maybe it’s just because these are my personal favorite thing to create as a creative writer and content creator.

If you are good at writing or creating content or systems, there is huge potential for you to be creating and selling “scripts” or “content templates” as digital products.

(Please note, this article contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. I only recommend products that I use and love. Thank you for your support!)

Here’s what I’m talking about:

  • Book Proposal Template/Script

  • Fiction Book Outline Template

  • Asana Project templates

  • Client Proposal templates

  • PR Outreach email script template

  • Sales Page script template

  • About Page copy template

  • How to Ask For a Raise Script

  • Live Stream Video Script

  • Blog Post Template

  • Customer service response scripts

The list goes on!

People can download your script or content template, fill in the blanks, copy and paste into their own word processor or email, and it’s off to the races.

I like that it’s a “done for you” type of digital product. It’s not watching a bunch of videos (although you can have some videos if you want), it’s more about having a script to follow and it actually saves your customers time!

As opposed to the design template, the Content Template digital product is all about the words!

And again, this is one of those digital products that you might already have half-created and can just spruce up and start selling.

  • Do you use a template when you go to create something?

  • Do you have an email script for something that you love and use all the time?

  • Do people ask you to help them word/write things that are important (proposals, pitches, sensitive emails, marketing copy?)

You have what it takes to create a content template digital product, and might just have the bones of it already created!

Content templates and copy scripts can be found for anywhere between $20 - $200 and up!

You're providing a ton of value with this type of digital product by actually making your customers' lives easier and saving them time. Depending on what's included in your content template, this could be a more premium-priced digital product.


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How long does it take to create a content template digital product to sell?

It depends on the type of content template you’re creating. Creating a pack of 4 simple email scripts might take you an hour to create!

Creating an entire “website copy script” template pack that includes copy scripts for 10 potential website pages might take longer.

I’ve created a 20-page copy script (fill in the blank style) in about 2-4 hours. Not bad for something you can sell again and again!

Give yourself plenty of time to draft, edit, write and polish your copy scripts. I would say if you devoted a full day you could have pretty much any type of content template created!


What tools do I need to deliver and sell a content template digital product?

The good news is that tech-wise, a content script like this is super simple to create and deliver. You have a few options though. Depending on how you want to deliver your content template, you might think about using a membership site instead of simply delivering a fillable PDF.

Creating The Content Template:

You’ll have to decide how you want your customers to be able to use your scripts, copy or template. Should they be able to write directly into it? Do they need to just copy and paste into their own email or document?

Think about how you can make it as easy to use as possible!

Google Doc (G Suite) Content Template:

This is my personal favorite way to deliver a content template or copy script. I like that people can just fill in the blanks right in a document where they would actually be working!

To me, filling in and saving a fillable PDF just seems like a wasted step. You’re working in Google Drive/Docs anyway...might as well just have the templates right there!

Email Content Template Example


Obviously, this only works if your customers use Drive though.

This is my recommendation!


Downloadable Word Document:

PDF workbook example

You can have people download a Word document that is easy to type into. The only issue is that not everyone uses Word, and you might get some people with tech issues.

Fillable PDF:

You can create a fillable PDF (takes some special software) and people can type their content into the blank spaces.

I don’t love this option (even some of our customers have told me they do love these!). I think it’s a redundant, unnecessary step to fill in a script or write something into a fillable PDF if you just need to eventually copy it into your actual Drive to work on it.

Regular PDF:

If your content template is something that people can just copy and paste (like an email script to copy into their email provider) you can just have it be a simple PDF that people can copy from. This would be to super simple method!


Accepting Payment and Delivering the Template:

Whether you deliver your copy template or script as a Google Doc link they can add to their own Drive, a downloadable fillable PDF or any other kind of format - you need a way to sell and deliver the content template.

That’s where a tool like Samcart comes in (which is what we use and recommend). Someone would purchase your template through your Samcart checkout page, and then Samcart automatically delivers the PDF or other file. This is a great included feature of Samcart Basic plan!

You can also set it up so that Samcart connects to your email marketing platform (like Convertkit) and delivers the content via email or tags your customer with a specific tag.

It can even be set up to automatically send them follow up emails!

What skills do I need to create and sell a content template product?

This is another example of a digital product that is super simple to set up and sell!

I love that it doesn’t require much in terms of tech skills. It’s pretty simple!


Content Creation:

Obviously you’ll need to be able to create the content! If you’re a copywriter, a content creator, or someone with systems for creating content - you’ll be able to create a product like this.

Depending on your skills, you might want to create a fully fleshed out script that people can just fill in the blanks and is mostly pre-written.

If you have a content outline that you use internally, that could be something you sell! Such as a podcast outline document, a blog post outline, or a speech presentation outline.


Setting up the tech:

You’ll need very minimal tech skills to be able to save your PDF or google doc, and then set up your Samcart products to deliver that content. Setting up a product in Samcart is easy peasy.

If you’re not super techy but are more of a writer, this option would be great for you!


Examples of Content Template/Copy Script Digital Products:

Let’s look at a few examples of successful content template digital products. Whether you are a copywriter, a creative writer, someone who enjoys organization and creating templates - there are so many people who are looking for more “done for you” resources!

This is a huge opportunity for you to make someone’s life easier by offering something they can easily use immediately in their business or life.

Sales Page Kit Workbook Example

I love Courtney’s Sales Page Kit! Courtney and I did a workshop together and I was blown away with how easily she breaks down the elements of a the sales page.

Her Sales Page Kit walks you through writing a sales page. It’s actually two fillable workbooks that allow you to write out your content in sections. Then you pull all the sections together and voila! Your sales page is done!

Her kit includes instructions, copy examples, formulas for headlines, and then space to fill in your own copy using her guidelines.


Maya Elious Smart Content Toolbox Example

Maya Elious Smart Content Toolbox

Maya Elious offers the Smart Content Toolbox which is a system of templates delivered via a Google Doc.

The “toolbox” includes multiple fill-in-the-blank templates for content creators. It has templates for creating email courses, challenges, blog posts, and more.

I love that these templates can be typed into directly. It means it’s even easier for her customers to use the product and get great results!



Content Templates and Copy Script Digital Products

People need templates for all sorts of business applications: writing their website content, writing emails, writing pitches to the media - everything!

For personal stuff, people need scripts and templates for organizing home and life things, writing up instructions, sending difficult emails, having important conversations, asking for a raise, etc.

Think about what kinds of templates or scripts you are already using in your life and business, and how you can make those into your own digital product to sell!

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(Please note, this article contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. I only recommend products that I use and love. Thank you for your support!)