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I am seriously so excited for this guide, and I know it will open your eyes to what is possible for you with creating and selling your own digital products!

Let's face it: creating and selling online courses is amazing (obviously I'm a big fan!), but there are tons of other kinds of digital products you can create too. Creating a course is no small task. It can take weeks to put together!

But there are other types of digital products, like we'll be showing you in this guide, that only take a few hours to put together! 

They are quick to create, simple to deliver, and something anyone with a few basic skills can get up for sale with some affordable tech and tools.

It won’t be easy, and it takes real work to set up digital products (and the systems that sell them day in and day out.)

But if you’re looking to make some passive income from digital products, this guide will walk you through some digital product ideas you might not have considered before. 

If you think e-courses and eBooks are the only profitable digital products - think again!

We’ll cover 7 types of digital products that are actually simple and quick to create, including what you need in order to create each type.

What are Digital Products? 


Let’s start at the beginning: You need a a digital product you can sell online that doesn't require you constantly fulfilling orders yourself and can be easily delivered to your awesome customers. 

A digital product is simply a product or tool that can be created once, and sold many times. It is delivered digitally to your customers, and has infinite inventory. It does not have to be a course or an eBook, as you'll see plenty of other examples in this guide!




Some digital products are a lot more suited to creating passive income than others. Some types of digital products can be created in a matter of a few hours, instead of a few weeks.

Sometimes creating a $40 "tiny" digital product can be an unexpectedly big boost to your bottom line!

In this Ultimate Guide to Digital Products we’ll go through the pros and cons of each type of digital product. 

We’ll also talk about:

  1. How long each type of digital product takes to create

  2. The equipment needed to create and deliver the product (and how much it will cost)

  3. The skill level required to create the digital product (and which skills you’ll need)

  4. Examples of people creating this type of product successfully in different niches

We’ll show you real-life examples of each of these 7 types of digital products that are successful in real life, so you can see them in action. By the end of this guide, I want you to have your own amazing digital product idea.


But look, it’s not “one size fits all”.

The best passive income product for you might not be what’s worked for me, depending on your unique skills and what you like to do!

If you love writing, creating an eBook might be the natural, easy choice for you.

If you hate writing, creating an eBook probably isn’t a great idea :)

I want you to choose the type of digital product that is high-leverage for you in your unique situation.

So think about:

  • What advantage or edge do you have?
  • What experience do you have that can become a digital product?
  • What would be your low-hanging fruit?

Okay let’s dive in!



My first ever “digital product” was a paid email course. It was super simple but ended up bringing in 5-figures in a launch at one point, which is incredible!

An example of a paid email course might be a 30-day Writing Course, where each day for 30 days students receive a simple writing prompt and instructions for writing for 30 minutes per day (and potentially even a forum or Facebook group to post in!).

Another example might be a 4-week “Go Paleo in 1 Month” paid email course, where once a week for 4 weeks students receive a shopping list, a print out of 7 recipes for the week, and some other instructions for cooking paleo.

What I love about paid email courses is that they are simple.

All you need is the ability to write great content, and an email service that delivers emails (which you might already have!)


“Printables” and downloadable planners and workbooks have been an amazing passive income digital product for many of my friends making a living online.

It’s one of those digital products that can be so simple to make, so easy to sell for an affordable price, and just make sales on autopilot without much promotion once it’s set up.

Content-wise, a printable can be as small as a single page, or as much as a 100-page PDF that someone prints out and puts in their own binder to use.

If you’re wondering what is a downloadable workbook, planner or printable, it’s just a simple digital file (like a PDF) that someone can download and either print out and fill in or even just use digitally.



Design templates are the perfect digital product for anyone who is creative, visual and maybe even already freelancing as a designer!

If you’ve created templates for yourself to use, why not package those up and sell them to others who don’t have the skills or time to create their own?

A design template can be as simple as a collection of photoshop files, images that can be customized to be used on a website, or even pre-designed Instagram or Pinterest graphics.

You can even create and sell your own stock photos that people can use on their websites or on social media!

People who aren’t very design-savvy are looking for unique, stylish design templates for just about everything!


Okay, this is probably my favorite type of digital product at the moment!

If you are good at writing or creating content or systems, there is huge potential for you to be creating and selling “scripts” or “content templates” as digital products.

People can download your script or content template, fill in the blanks, copy and paste into their own word processor or email, and it’s off to the races.

I like that it’s a “done for you” type of digital product. It’s not watching a bunch of videos (although you can have some videos if you want), it’s more about having a script to follow and it actually saves your customers time!

As opposed to the design template, the Content Template digital product is all about the words!



The live paid virtual workshop is one of the best types of digital products!

As with all of these examples, creating the product the first time takes time and effort.

But what I love about the paid virtual workshop is that it’s really easy to create and prepare for, since you deliver the content live (as opposed to recording a bunch of video lessons before you release it). In this sense, it’s quicker to produce than a video course.

A paid virtual workshop is usually a 2-3 hour live workshop that includes lots of valuable information and sometimes a workbook or accompanying PDF.

The paid virtual workshop is presented just like a webinar! It’s essentially a high-value, paid webinar where there is no pitch at the end and you can sell the recording.


This type of digital product is something you may not have thought of before, which is exactly why it’s such a great idea and a huge opportunity right now!

For all the eBooks, courses, and other downloadable digital products out there - you may not have seen too many of these.

We’re talking about spreadsheets, trackers, and calculators!

One thing I like about this unique digital product idea is that it can work in tons of different industries.

There are so many ways you can use this idea of selling a spreadsheet, tracker or calculator in any niche!



If you’ve got the tech skills to create a technical “over the shoulder” training video, this is an awesome digital product idea for you!

There is a huge demand for easy to follow, step-by-step technical trainings for how to use software.

Even though many software companies have their own “knowledge base” of tutorials, many times they are not detailed enough or users have a hard time learning from those.

Creating a screenshare video tutorial that helps your customers set up and get started with a software or tech platform quickly will save them tons of time and frustration!

👇 Get the entire digital product cheat sheet sent to your inbox! 👇

Creating a digital product?

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