The Your First 1K Ultimate Guide to Digital Products



My first ever “digital product” was a paid email course. It was super simple but ended up bringing in 5-figures in a launch at one point, which is incredible!

I created the 8-week paid email course once over an 8 week period, writing one lesson per week as I went that first session.

Then at the end of the 8 weeks, the email course was completed and I could sell it over and over again completely automated!

(Please note, this article contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. I only recommend products that I use and love. Thank you for your support!)




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Paid Email Courses Are Simple To Create and Set Up

An example of a paid email course might be a 30-day writing course, where each day for 30 days the student receives a simple writing prompt and instructions for writing for 30 minutes per day (and potentially even a forum or Facebook group to post in!).

Another example might be a 4-week “Go Paleo in 1 Month” paid email course, where once a week for 4 weeks the student receives a shopping list, a print out of 7 recipes for the week, and some other instructions for cooking paleo.

We’ll look at two more examples in a moment.

What I love about paid email courses is that they are simple.

All you need is the ability to write great content, and an email service that delivers emails (which you might already have! If you don’t have an email service, we use and recommend Convertkit!)

Convertkit's "Sequences" feature (shown below) makes it super simple to set up and sell paid email courses.

Convertkit Sequences


It’s really inexpensive to set up, and you can create the content “as you go” the first time you release it!

My favorite paid email courses have been 30 day writing challenges, or 4-week courses with simple daily or weekly prompts or lessons.

You want to include small action items in each lesson, and can optionally include a workbook or download to go along with the lessons.

Typically you can charge $47 - $197 for a paid email course that is packed with value.



How long does it take to create a paid email course?

Depending on your email course and whether it is 30 days of daily emails (each of which should be very short and contain one quick action item) or if it’s 4-6 weeks of weekly emails (each lessons can be a little longer but still actionable within the 7-day period).

In my experience, it can take about 5 hours to create each week’s worth of content.

So whether that means you’re spending 5 hours creating 5 days of daily email content/prompts for your email course or 5 hours creating one weekly lesson is up to you.

All in all, that’s about 20 hours of work for a 30-day or 4-week email course.

(So yes, that means about 30 hours total if it’s a 6-week paid email course!).

One thing to remember is that you can break the content creation up into chunks and make it “as you go” for the first round.

After that initial 20 hour input of work, it is done and completely passive!

Email courses become incredibly passive after they are created since it’s so easy to automate the delivery of them with your email system (like ConvertKit.)


What equipment do I need to create and deliver an email course (and how much will it cost)?

In order to create a paid email course, you only need a few simple tools.

You’ll need a place to write your content, such as Google Drive (which is what I use for creating all my content). You can get a G Suite account here.

(Of course, you can use your free writing software as well! Or pay $5/month for G Suite, which is so worth it and comes with tons of added benefits.)

You’ll need a way to take payments that connect to an email service/ email marketing platform.

We use and recommend Samcart for this.

We love it because it hooks up directly with tons of email services (including ConvertKit, which we use) so that when someone buys the paid email course, they automatically get put into the correct, automated email sequence and receive the course automatically!

Here's some examples of the services Samcart integrates with:


They have a plan that starts at $19/month, and you can start right here with a 14 day trial.

We’ll talk more about the different automated delivery and fulfillment software systems in the next part of the guide.


The other piece you’ll need is an email delivery system!

We use Convertkit for creating our automated email sequences (and for collecting email and sending broadcasts as well).


Part 1 - _IMAGE - Inside FORMS panel in CK_.png


You’ll need an email platform for your online business or blog anyway, so this is a cost that should be built into your expenses already.

Convertkit starts at $29/month and you can create an account here.

Altogether, for the payment processing and checkout cart (Samcart) and the email service, it will cost you about $50 to create and sell your first paid email course, assuming you don’t already have an email platform like Convertkit.

If your paid email course costs $97, you only need to sell one to make a profit!


What skills are required to create a paid email course?

Creating a paid email course will require very basic skills, which is why I love it as a quick and easy place to start with creating passive income streams.

The only skills you really need are to be able to create content (such as writing or recipes, audio meditations, or some kind of instruction) and the skill to set up your email course in Convertkit which is very simple!



You don’t need to be techy at all to use platforms like Samcart and Convertkit, they are designed to be totally simple and easy to use.

The skills needed for this type of digital product are very simple and basic, which is why it’s such a great place to start!


Examples of Paid Email Courses

Let’s look at two examples of the paid email course in action.

Journaling Email Course:

I took a journaling course that was delivered via email and I loved how simple the format was!

Every day for 30 days, we received a simple journaling prompt and instructions on what to journal about for 30 minutes or more each day.

The lessons would be short and easy to digest, but the prompts were so good and so valuable, I got so much out of this course!


Part 1 - _IMAGE - Inside “Sequences” panel in CK_.png


You might not think people would enjoy “just an email course” or pay a premium price for a simple email course, but I felt like I got so much value from the sheer convenience of it being in my email each morning. I could just grab my journal and write at my table instead of logging into a course site.

30 Days of Meditation Email Course:

I’m going to give you another example that is made-up (based on a real course by one of our students but not exactly the same) but I want to show you what is possible for your passive income idea bank.

You could create a simple 30-day email course that is 30 days of daily 10-minute guided meditations. These can be audios if creating audio content is easier for you!

You would just have the emails go out each day with a link to the MP3 or audio download.

Depending on your topic and how you like to deliver content, pick something that works for you!

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(Please note, this article contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. I only recommend products that I use and love. Thank you for your support!)