The Your First 1K Ultimate Guide to Digital Products



This type of digital product is something you may not have thought of before, which is exactly why it’s such a great idea and a huge opportunity right now!

For all the eBooks, courses, and other downloadable digital products out there - you may not have seen too many of these.

We’re talking about spreadsheets, trackers, and calculators!

(Please note, this article contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. I only recommend products that I use and love. Thank you for your support!)

One thing I like about this unique digital product idea is that it can work in tons of different industries.

Spreadsheets, trackers, and calculators can help people:

  • Track your workouts and weight loss

  • Calculate your home budget

  • Keep track of your business’ profit and expenses

  • Plan their month or year in advance

  • Project trends and revenue

  • Calculate your conversion rates over time

  • Plan your home renovation

  • Plan your content calendar and production schedule


There are so many ways you can use this idea of selling a spreadsheet, tracker or calculator in any niche!

I personally think there is a big opportunity with these types of products because not a lot of people are creating them yet (they aren’t oversaturated at all!) and they are just genuinely so valuable and helpful for your customers.

In most cases, they are programmed to do a lot of the work for your customers - they just need to plug in their stuff and the spreadsheet and calculations are done automatically.

For example, our Webinar Stat Tracker that’s included in the Webinar Rockstar™ program and templates will automatically calculate your conversion rates over time so you can see trends and see which webinars did the best!



When you see some of these examples below, you’ll start thinking about ways a digital product like this could work in your niche.

And like many of the other digital product ideas in this guide, you might already have a spreadsheet that you personally use that you never thought about packaging up and selling.

A friend of mine has this intensely amazing Facebook ads spreadsheet where he tracks everything happening in real’s something he uses every day and doesn’t even think about it as an asset! Of course I was like, “you could totally sell that spreadsheet!”

So think about what you might already have created that could become a spreadsheet, tracker or calculator digital product.

Products like this can cost anywhere from $9 - $200 or more! It’s all about the value they provide. Think about the value your spreadsheet would have. It would save your customers’ time, money, frustration, mistakes...that’s a lot of value!

Anything that is a tool that people can use right away to make their lives easier is immensely valuable and a no-brainer for most people!


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How long does it take to create a spreadsheet based digital product to sell?

Depending on the complexity of the spreadsheet, this could take a few days to create.

Even so, that’s not too long for creating a digital product can you sell again and again!

I would estimate it would take you between 5-10 hours to put together a spreadsheet that had all the proper calculations programmed into it.

For digital products like this, it can also be nice to include a video tutorial “walkthrough” where you show people in a screenshare video how to use your tool.

So add on another hour or so to create a video tutorial of how to get the most out of your spreadsheet tool.

Altogether, I’d give yourself 5-15 hours total depending on the complexity of the spreadsheet and what calculations it does.


What tools do I need to deliver and sell a spreadsheet, tracker or calculator digital product?

The tools you’ll need to create, sell and deliver this type of digital product will depend on whether or not you include a video training walkthrough.

If you do include a video tutorial about how to use your spreadsheet or tool, you’ll want a way for people to easily watch the video.


Creating the Spreadsheet or Tracker:

You’ll need to decide how you want to deliver your spreadsheet to customers. The 3 main ways would be:

  • A Google Sheets link they can copy into their own Drive after purchasing

  • An Excel Spreadsheet that can be downloaded directly

  • An Apple “Numbers for Mac” spreadsheet that can be downloaded

Part 6 - _IMAGE - screenshot of Google Sheets doc_.png

My favorite option, and what most of my friends use who sell this type of product, is the Google Sheets link. Your customers will get the link sent to them when they purchase, and then can add the spreadsheet to their Drive and start plugging in their own numbers, content, or whatever!

Selling and Delivering The Spreadsheet:

Part 6 - _IMAGE - Samcart basic plan features_.png

Like most of our digital product ideas in this guide, you don’t need much to be able to sell this type of product. Since it’s just a link or an excel file you’re delivering, all you need is a checkout cart that delivers files or an email which contains a link.

Our recommendation would be Samcart (surprise!) since it does exactly what you need with just the affordable Basic Plan.


Connecting to Your Email Marketing Platform:

You can of course then connect Samcart to Convertkit (the email marketing platform we use and love!) so that your customers get tagged appropriately when they buy.

Someone would buy your spreadsheet through a Samcart checkout page, Samcart would either deliver a downloadable file directly, or you’d hook up Convertkit to deliver an email that only goes to customers with the link to download the Google Sheet.

It will probably take you about 5 minutes total to set up the product and start selling!


Optional Video Tutorial Platform:

If you do decide you want to include a video tutorial walkthrough, you’ll need a way to deliver that video file too. There are a few ways you could do this:

  • Have Samcart deliver an .mp4 file of the recording and customers will simple download them onto their computer to watch

  • Create a simple pass-protected page on your website (Squarespace makes this super easy) where you hose the video tutorial, and only give the password to customers.

  • Host the video tutorial in a course or membership platform like Teachable or Thinkific, and have the link or spreadsheet file in there to download as well

(If you go the Thinkific or Teachable route, it’s convenient to have it all in one place, but you’ll need Zapier in order to connect Samcart for payments to your course platform automatically).


Using Your Video Tutorial As Promotion:

Or you can do what Megan Minns does (which is brilliant) and actually have the tutorial be a public youtube video and blog post that pretty much sells the product for her!

Megan created a video tutorial of how she uses her spreadsheets that she sells, but instead of having that tutorial be private and only for those who purchase, she actually put it on her blog and on Youtube.

Megan Minns Spreadsheet Video Example

You can see the full video here!

(Megan is also a Your First 1K® student and launched her first course while in Your First 1K®!)

Now people watch the video, see how awesome the products are, and buy them right from there!

She even says in the video that you are welcome to re-create the same spreadsheets for your own use if you want to figure it out yourself, or you can just buy the ones she’s already made for you at a super reasonable price.

Most people go for the pre-made ones, and the tutorial is doing the selling automatically every day!


What skills do I need to create and sell a content template product?

As with many of these digital product ideas, you need the skill to create the product itself and then the skills it takes to set up and sell the product.

On a skill scale of 1 to 5, I’d say this is a 3!

You don’t necessarily have to be a “spreadsheet wizard” to make something like that, but it totally helps if you are!

The amount of skill required to make your spreadsheet depends on how complex it is. That’s up to you what you include and what your tool does.

The only other skill you need to know is how to set up Samcart and upload the spreadsheet file, which is easy!

Examples of Content Template/Copy Script Digital Products:

Evolved Finance: The 20 Minute Budget

I love this product from Evolved Finance as an example of a spreadsheet sold as a tool, with complimentary video tutorials that go along with the spreadsheet itself.

Their product helps you organize your personal budget (even if you’re a business owner!) and comes with two spreadsheets that come together to create their complete “20 Minute Budget System”.


Part 6 - _IMAGE - 20 minute budget screenshot_.png


Not only do they give you the spreadsheets, they have detailed video lessons that walk you through how to use them effectively.

Think about your own spreadsheet or tracker and how you can help your customers get the best results by walking them through your tool and how to use it properly!

You don’t want someone buying your spreadsheet, opening it up, and then getting confused and asking for a refund.

This is a great example of a more premium-priced spreadsheet since it does come with enough videos to be a course too!


Megan Minns’ Annual, Quarterly, Weekly Planning Spreadsheets

We talked about Megan’s amazing spreadsheets above, but I wanted to show them to you as an example.

First of all, it’s a great example of a multi-page spreadsheet document. Each sheet in the document has a purpose and they are well organized but work together. Some of the sheets are based on planning revenue and numbers, other sheets are for planning your content strategy.  



Megan delivers hers through Google Sheets and you add them to your own Drive after purchase.

It’s also a great example of how you can potentially promote your own spreadsheet by making a publicly available video walkthrough that makes people want the tool you’ve created even more!

Her spreadsheets are a super affordable price, so you can see how something priced at $12 can be a total no-brainer!


Ketogasm Master Your Macros

This is my favorite example on this list!

Tasha from Ketogasm is a Your First 1K® student and has been absolutely crushing it since taking the course. Not to mention, I am a huge fan of her website personally and love her content, her community, and she’s just a lovely person all around!

This is exactly the type of product we help you create in Your First 1K®, something simple and easy to deliver at an affordable price.


Part 6 - _IMAGE - from Tasha_s sales page_.png


When I saw Tasha launch her Master Your Macros spreadsheet, I was like “THIS IS BRILLIANT” and such a clever and unique way to use spreadsheets as a tool in the nutrition space.

Tasha describes the tool she’s created on the sales page: “A Microsoft Excel-based meal plan built with powerful formulas to calculate precise recipes around your macros and meal prep preferences”.

It truly is like no other meal plan you’ve ever seen!

At $59 at the time of publishing this, this is a great example of a super affordable digital product that combines meal planning, spreadsheets, math formulas, and delicious recipes!


Spreadsheets, Trackers, Calculators: Your Next Digital Product Idea?

So what do you think? Can you think of a way to incorporate this idea into your product suite?

There’s a huge opportunity for these more “done for you” tools and calculators that make our lives easier in every way.

Whether it’s tracking meals, budgeting, planning, anything really - people are out there looking for pre-made spreadsheets for everything from household stuff to business operations.

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(Please note, this article contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. I only recommend products that I use and love. Thank you for your support!)