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If you’ve got the tech skills to create a technical “over the shoulder” training video, this is an awesome digital product idea for you!

There is a huge demand for easy to follow, step-by-step technical trainings for how to use software.

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Even though many software companies have their own “knowledge base” of tutorials, many times they are not detailed enough or users have a hard time learning from those.

Creating a screenshare video tutorial that helps your customers set up and get started with a software or tech platform quickly will save them tons of time and frustration!


Tech tutorial videos could be:

  • How to set up your wordpress website

  • How to migrate your email list to a new provider

  • How to use excel to create your own spreadsheets

  • How to get started with a content management software

  • How to use Asana

  • How to use the Power editor

  • How to set up Quickbooks


Really anything that you can record your screen walking someone through every detail of how you actually use the platform or software.


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If you’re techy or love systems and new software, this is a great idea for you. Tons of people need lots of hand-holding to get the most out of their tech platforms.

You could consider these “tech courses” but I think of them more as a series of video tutorials. It’s like a library of technical videos that people can reference.


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These types of trainings can go from $29 to “the sky’s the limit”, especially if the technical training is something a team or company is going to use internally to train people in their company.

For example, if you’re creating a super comprehensive Infusionsoft technical training library that bigger companies will use, that could be worth thousands of dollars and have a very premium price!

Whereas if you’re creating a quick “How to use Trello to Organize Your Personal To Do List” type training, that might be $20.

There is a huge range of possibilities here depending on what tech you can teach, how comprehensive your trainings are, and what the ultimate purpose is of the tutorials (if businesses will be using them or more personal use situations).


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How long does it take to create a tech tutorial digital product to sell?

Depending on how many videos you want to create and how comprehensive your product, it can take anywhere from an hour to a couple of weeks!

Creating a 30-minute quick start training might take you all of 2 hours to prep, plan, record, edit and produce.

Whereas if we use the example of the comprehensive training library teaching how to use a very advanced program, that might take weeks to create!

There’s no one size fits all answer, but pick a scope that feels manageable to you. Start small with something you can create in a day or two, and charge a fair price for.

If you’re creating your first digital product, it’s a good idea to start with something smaller and manageable that you charge $47-$97 for in order to practice and get your feet wet.

If you’re creating your first digital product, it’s a good idea to start with something smaller and manageable that you charge $47-$97 for in order to practice and get your feet wet.

This also allows you to get a “quick win” and start practicing selling sooner, which builds your confidence to create those more complex products later!

This is what we teach in Your First 1K®, because it’s really important to get that experience and start selling something small and manageable (your first digital product) as quickly as possible!


What tools do I need to deliver and sell a tech tutorial digital product?

For a technical training video or series of videos, it’s a good idea to have some sort of course platform such as Teachable or Thinkific that people can log into to watch the video training.



If your video tutorial is just one very short video, you can choose to host the video training on a password protected page on your site (like on Squarespace).



Creating the Video Tutorials:

In order to create “over the shoulder” screenshare type videos, you’ll need a software like “Screenflow” (what I use myself!) to record your screen and your voice.



There is also Camtasia and even Quicktime can record your screen!

What I love about Screenflow is that you can easily edit directly within the program. So after you record, if you made any mistakes and want to quickly edit those parts out, you can just do that immediately without using another editing program.

It’s super simple to use, but has all the features you need to crop or zoom in, add annotations, and edit the sound too.


Microphone: ATR 2100

If you’re recording yourself talking and explaining things as you make the trainings, you want to make sure the sound quality is really good for the recording!

This is the microphone I use and recommend. It’s also perfect for podcasting, webinars, talking to clients on skype, etc so you’ll use it all the time for other stuff too!


Hosting the Video Tutorials:

As I mentioned, you might decide to host your video tutorials in a course platform like Teachable or Thinkific.

If you’re tech tutorials are a series of videos that need to be organized into “sections” , using a course platform makes sense for you.

If you only have one video, you can just use a password protected page on your site if you’re comfortable with that.


Selling the Video Tutorials:

Whether you host the video training digital product on a course platform or on your own site on a private page, you’ll need a way to accept payments!

We use and love Samcart, and recommend that for collecting payments and connecting to your course platform to deliver the

Check out the features of Samcart and decide which tier you need for your set up here.


What skills do I need to create and sell a tech tutorial product?

By design, this digital product requires you to  have the tech skills to teach and create these tutorial videos!

So you are probably already pretty tech savvy if you are thinking about this type of digital product.

You’ll need the skills to create the content itself - the knowledge of the software or platform you’re making videos about.

Then you’ll need some very basic video “editing” skills. Meaning you just need to know how to record your screen using Screenflow, then make some basic adjustments (cropping, adjusting the sound levels) and then exporting the videos.

(I am not super tech savvy and do all of this myself in Screenflow - it’s pretty simple once you’ve done it once or twice!)



Then you’ll just need to have the basic level skills to set up Samcart and connect it to your product delivery (a course platform or page on your site). Samcart is really designed to be dead-simple, and if you’re tech savvy already this will be super easy fo you.

Because you need to be tech savvy to create the content for this type of product, I’m giving it a 4 out of 5 on a scale of 1-5 (1 being super easy and 5 being more advanced and difficult to create).

But if you can create these tutorials, you’ll have no problem with the other tech pieces of making the videos and setting up the product for sale!


Examples of Tech Training Tutorial Digital Products:

There are sooo many amazing examples of technical training digital products big and small.

Some are full-blown courses with dozens of videos, others are 1 or 2 quick start videos.

We’ll show a few examples here, but keep an eye out and you’ll notice how popular these products are.

It’s such a valuable thing to create that helps people with something almost everyone struggles with, so it’s no wonder they become very successful!

Lots of our Your First 1K® students who are tech savvy (not everyone has to be, but some are gifted with the tech!) have created successful products like this, where it’s just a few simple screen-share videos walking their students through “how to use this, how to do that, click here, and voila!”.


Learn Scrivener Fast by Joseph Michael

This is one of the first digital products I ever heard about and I was amazed at how seemingly simple it was, and yet is very successful on all fronts!

Joseph Michael figured out how to use this writing software called Scrivener, which is for writers putting together books or stories or even blog content.

It’s one of those software platforms you open up for the first time and go “oh gosh, what do I click first? Where do I start? Help!” (at least I felt that way!)

Joseph created a video library of tutorials about how to use Scrivener: how to get set up, how to use it for different applications, how to get the most out of it.


If you have some kind of platform or software you use every day and don’t even think twice about it, there’s a good chance you are sitting on a great idea for a tech tutorial type of digital product!


Square Your Site

We’re biased because this is our own product, but the Square Your Site tutorials are our world-class Squarespace training videos. If you need a website, a blog template or a sales page template - go check it out!

The videos are hosted in our course platform, and each one walks you through exactly how to build your website on Squarespace: step by step, click by click.

The trainings are screen-share videos of exactly what to do, where Megan talks and explains what she’s doing and why while showing you “behind the scenes” of it all.



If you don’t already have a website or blog, or are looking to create a great looking sales page, we’ve got a few different templates you can check out!


Build Your Own VA by Brittany Berger 

Brittany Berger is another student of ours! She created her “Build Your Own VA” course as her first digital product as part of our programs.

She’s a tech unicorn, and specializes in automation (so things like Zapier, IFTTT) and saving time.

Her course is a collection of video tech trainings about how to automate your business using these awesome hacks and tricks to save you time.

You can see how she broke up her course into sections about each platform she teaches.


Her videos are hosted in a course platform since there are quite a few a few of them.


Video Trainings and Tech Tutorials: The Tech Wizard’s Digital Product Idea

If you’re reading this and thinking, “hey I use this software every day and it’s just second nature to me, I bet I could record a video of how I use it!” this could be the perfect digital product idea for you!

If you’ve figured out little tips and tricks and workaround or any cool features in your favorite software platforms, you should share those in a a digital product!

Something that might seem easy to you, or something that you might think “well that company has a knowledge base of tutorials why would anyone want mine?”, those could be the perfect opportunities!

People want hand-holding, they want to watch over your shoulder as you do stuff that is intimidating to most of us non-techies!

What software or platforms are you using anyway that you could teach others how to use better?

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