Frequently Asked Questions:

+ How long do I need to devote to this? I have another job

Time investment: 2-4 hours per week plus product creation which really is different for everyone depending on your format (written, video, audio) and how you like to create. I've seen people create a product in a week, a day, or a month. But it depends on what format you choose. You have lifetime access so take as long as you need.

+ Do I have lifetime access?

Yes, including all future updates.

+ I have a decent list but I want to grow it more - are there powerful techniques that I can use to take it to the next level?

Absolutely. You will learn new ways to grow your audience and email list, how to launch, etc. I’ve used these same classic and timeless strategies to grow my list to 25,000+ and beyond, so it’s extremely scalable (you just keep doing more of what works).

+ I have a product, not a blog, that I want to grow a pre-launch list for. Is this for me?

Yes - growing a very focused pre-launch list is a great way to utilize this course.

+ I’m not sure what kind of product I want to create - is that okay?

You will be given the tools and framework to come up with an idea and choose a profitable product topic, but you will have to choose an idea in Week 2 and start making it.

+ Does the course have any networking/community aspect where the students would get to meet and participate with each other?

Yes! Your enrollment INCLUDES access to the private Your First 1K Community.

When you join Your First 1K [:tm:] you'll be plugging into a built-in network of potential joint venture webinar partners, guest posting opportunities, business besties, and mastermind pals. Our students tell us that the community and support is the best part! Many business relationships, partnerships, and best friends find each other in our unique community!

All of the strategies are “platform agnostic”. The strategies aren't Squarespace specific, and you can definitely implement them with WP in different ways.

+ Is this suitable for beginners?

Yes, it is designed for people starting from scratch. You do NOT need to have an established blog audience or any followers to start.

+ It seems like a lot of your clients are business bloggers. Would your course and system still apply to me? My ultimate goal is to sell ebooks and classes in a different industry (food, health, fashion).

Most people in the course are not business bloggers, just people wanting to start a biz in all different niches. We have some fashion bloggers, food bloggers, writers, crafters, health coaches, photographers - everything! Seriously, this is NOT just for B2B entrepreneurs (though it works well for them too) - it’s for ANY niche.

+ Why is it so hard to grow your email list?

The most common problem I see with my clients and students is that they don’t know where to focus, so they try to do everything in a scattered way and the result is that nothing works.

If you’re not completely focused on the strategies and methods that bring the highest ROI and get the best results, building your email list can be slow and frustrating. You end up waiting to see one or two subscribers trickling in each day instead of creating systems that bring people flocking to hit "subscribe".

No. Stop. You can’t get great results in a short amount of time by spreading yourself out like that and throwing everything at the wall.

Getting 1000 subscribers is much simpler than that. It just requires you to focus on the RIGHT tactics and methods. And that’s what I teach in Your First 1K™.

+ Who is this for?

If you’ve tried everything - read the eBooks and the vague blog posts about “growing your blog with Pinterest” or “Making money with Amazon affiliate links” (written 5 years ago by people that got in early and keep giving out the same tired advice), but your email subscribers are crawling in one by one instead of flocking to hit subscribe in droves, THIS IS FOR YOU.

Bloggers who are ready to get serious about growing their audience and making money from their platform.

Bloggers who are frustrated by how little they are making from ads and sponsored posts and affiliate links and want to create real, meaningful products.

Bloggers who want to build a rock solid foundation of their future blogging empire and business.

Bloggers who are sick of watching their email subscribers crawl in one by one at a sloth’s pace.

Beginner bloggers who don’t want to mess around and want to start on the right path with the right strategies to get them on track fast.

+ What's the difference between Your First 1K™ and Launch Your Signature Course?

Great question! We've created a comparison chart so you can see the difference between the two programs across Purpose, Investment, Strategy, Outcome, and more! Click here to view the full comparison.

+ What happens when I buy this course?

You will receive a confirmation email and INSTANT ACCESS to the entire course, all of the modules and lessons.

You can log in right away and get started immediately, no waiting necessary!

The whole point of this course is to give you the tools and guidance to stop over-thinking and over analyzing everything and just start getting subscribers and making money.

+ What if I am unhappy with the course?

Your First 1K has a 14 day refund policy. When you purchase Your First 1K you agree to the policy. Click here to view the full refund policy.