"I made ten sales within the first 14 days of the course. I made my first 1k with this course I set up. Hooray! I officially opened up the sales page on July 7th and tomorrow, August 3rd, the course will start. My launch goal was to get 10 people to sign up. I'm now at 22 people. To be honest, I still can't believe it. I won't stop at this one course. Nope. Nope. I'm working on some master classes for this course.

I went from 15 subscribers at the start of this course to 236 subscribers today. Because of this course and the $1k I made extra, I had more income during the month of July than I have ever made with my own business. To be honest, I think this course changed my life. I now believe I can become my own boss and do this for real. I have a lot more confidence in my work and in myself as an expert. I still can't believe this and I'm so grateful for all the sales and this wonderful course you set up.

PS: While writing this to you I made another sale. So make that 23 sales in less than 30 days."

 - Kathleen, www.fannyenlaura.be