“I started YF1K in September. I had just under 200 subscribers already but was in no way growing consistently. I started implementing your strategies from the very thorough YF1K class and immediately began seeing results. Now they're consistent and passive. It's so amazing to see that I gained a dozen subscribers that day without doing ANYTHING. Your course really sets you up for success by doing a lot of the work up front.

Today I have a few shy of 900 subscribers. I know that every time I make time to work on them I see increases in my subscribers. YF1K is the most thorough and informative class I've taken to date and has been worth every penny. Not only have I increased my subscribers by 700 people in the past few months, but I've more than doubled my page views! I've also made more money with my e­-products in the past two months than I have in my entire two years of self employment. I have you to thank.”

 - Mary England, www.Uncustomary.org