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Get your first 1,000 Email Subscribers and Make & Launch Your First Tiny Digital Product

Fed up and frustrated with vague "strategies" and lame outdated "tips and tricks" about growing your audience and your blog?

You're in the right place.


"The day I enrolled in YF1K I had 29 email subscribers. I hit 1000 less than 6 weeks later (and now I'm well over that). Even though I was always confident in my blog, I didn't have a clue how to launch a course. YF1K basically held my hand through the whole process, and now I'm a happy course creator."

 - Becca


If you're frustrated with your list size,
your blog's audience growth
and the slow progress

Your First 1K® is your new best friend.

(you know, the one that calls you on your BS and won’t let you waste your time on dumb stuff).


A lot of people think that building their list and making their first digital product is some mythical, magical secret. It’s not. 

It’s about creating value, educating your readers, and getting in front of the right audience. 


"Guys, Mariah’s tips about guest posting seriously work. I doubled my email list in the last 2 days! #soexcited”

 - Katie Steckly

"I made ten sales within the first 14 days of the course. I made my first 1k with this course I set up. Hooray! I officially opened up the sales page on July 7th and tomorrow, August 3rd, the course will start. My launch goal was to get 10 people to sign up. I'm now at 22 people. To be honest, I still can't believe it. I won't stop at this one course. Nope. Nope. I'm working on some master classes for this course.

I went from 15 subscribers at the start of this course to 236 subscribers today. Because of this course and the $1k I made extra, I had more income during the month of July than I have ever made with my own business. To be honest, I think this course changed my life. I now believe I can become my own boss and do this for real. I have a lot more confidence in my work and in myself as an expert. I still can't believe this and I'm so grateful for all the sales and this wonderful course you set up.

PS: While writing this to you I made another sale. So make that 23 sales in less than 30 days."

 - Kathleen

This is a step-by-step course that takes you through growing your email list of subscribers and creating your first, small digital product.

In Your First 1K®, I’ll show you exactly how to grow your list of email subscribers, and how to create and sell your first tiny digital product (like a workshop, email course, or download).

You'll get all the tools, the strategies, and the support you need to reach Your First 1K®!

When I started my first blog years ago, in those first few months I had collected a small handful of email subscribers. Yikes.

I was frustrated with how long it was taking me to grow my email list and build my community. I knew that email was the best way to make sales and grow my blog, but it just wasn't happening.

Then, I made a few tweaks and tried a few new ideas. I started using an actual strategy and the right tools - and everything changed. 

In just a few short months, I went from having a tiny email list to growing an audience of more than 1000 raving email subscribers. 

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  • I stopped screwing around with my blog and implemented real, effective, high-ROI list building techniques.
  • Nothing spammy or icky - just some hard work and strategic planning (as in, I stopped throwing pasta at the wall).
  • I stopped trying to make pennies with ads or affiliate links, and instead created a really valuable digital product for my readers, which they were happy to pay for.

It doesn’t have to take ages to grow your readership or monetize your blog, platform or skills. You just have to have to spend time on the right things - things that really work.


"Your First 1K® was a huge game changer for me, it helped me to actually be strategic about my email list which resulted in it growing from around 400 when I started the course to nearly 2,000 six months later.

Your First 1K® also kick started the creation of my first online course, The InDesign Field Guide, which earned $20,000 in it's first launch (just 6 months after starting Your First 1K®.

In Your First 1K® I also got to know 2 other designers who had been acquaintances before, and we've now formed a mastermind group where we chat daily about our current projects, get feedback + advice about our businesses, and we even met up for a retreat this year and had a blast planning + scheming for the new year. Our mastermind has been an incredible benefit to all of us, and it all started in Your First 1K®. Your course was a great foundation for me to learn about strategic list building and product creation in an easy-to-follow format that I could apply to my business right away. The Slack group is so great. Thanks for all the work you put into it, it's been a fabulous resource for me, and many others."

 - Kelsey Baldwin

“I started YF1K in September. I had just under 200 subscribers already but was in no way growing consistently. I started implementing your strategies from the very thorough YF1K class and immediately began seeing results. Now they're consistent and passive. It's so amazing to see that I gained a dozen subscribers that day without doing ANYTHING. Your course really sets you up for success by doing a lot of the work up front.

Today I have a few shy of 900 subscribers. I know that every time I make time to work on them I see increases in my subscribers. YF1K is the most thorough and informative class I've taken to date and has been worth every penny. Not only have I increased my subscribers by 700 people in the past few months, but I've more than doubled my page views! I've also made more money with my e­-products in the past two months than I have in my entire two years of self employment. I have you to thank.”

 - Mary England

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The biggest mistake I see serious bloggers making is that they build their email list separate from creating their own products, when in reality the two are completely related and need to happen in tandem.

So many bloggers build up their email lists first (usually in a way that takes forever and totally sucks), and then when they go to create and sell their first product they have the WRONG audience. Yikes.

This is why you need to build your list and create your products in a cohesive and connected way, where it all ties together. When you start with the end in mind, building your list AND your product becomes so much easier.


Many new bloggers start off monetizing their blogs in really backwards ways, because an “expert” told them that display ads and affiliate links were the way to be successful and make money with a blog. They start by making $20 a month, then $30 a month, then maybe $100 a month, and they do this for months and months creeping up the ladder, wondering when this "big break" they were told about is going to happen.

But that is not the right way to approach monetizing your platform.

You can do better. I know you can. I’m here to show you how. 

When you sign up for Your First 1K® you get:

  • The easiest, simplest way to create a product your growing audience will love and how to ship it fast.

  • Affordable and DIY solutions so you don’t have to spend a bunch while you’re still growing.

  • Ready-to-use templates & scripts, EVERYTHING you need.

  • Simple but powerful strategies that work.

  • 8 weeks of guided, step by step list building and digital product creation lessons. Everything has been tested by myself and my students.

  • Instant access to every single module and lesson. No waiting!

  • A 70-page printable workbook, progress trackers, daily calendars and resource guides.


Your First 1K® is FULL of step-by-step, actionable guides and strategies ready for you to implement! 


“I'm already seeing results - I went from an average 5 subscribers per week to 50-60 subscribers weekly and growing. And I haven't even started blog posting yet or done all my content upgrades for my top 5 posts! I've printed the workbook and have found it so helpful to fill that out as I go and it's also great to be able to get a glimpse of what lies ahead so easily.”

 - Sam Brown


"Your First 1K® has changed everything for me. It’s all step by step and the support network is amazing!"

 - Eleanor


Ready to make Your First 1K?


Instant Access to 9 Killer Modules

Calendar, Progress Tracker, and Workbook

Resources, Workbooks, and Tech Trainings

Lifetime Access and Self-Paced

Private Facebook Group



Instant Access to 9 Killer Modules

Calendar, Progress Tracker, and Workbook

Resources, Workbooks, and Tech Trainings

Lifetime Access and Self-Paced

Private Facebook Group

 $579 $497

"I took the course with just under 500 on my email list and I'm now at just over 5000 - and I haven't used all the strategies yet, such as webinars. The thing is, everything you do generally keeps earning you subscribers, so I currently get around 30 subscribers a day on autopilot - without me doing anything. It's also great for launching a course - I have made more in 6 months that I have in the last four years of blogging put together and I know I will reach my target for the year easily. If you are on the fence I would encourage you to go for it - it really is great."

 - Audrey Ann


"I got 1000 followers in 59 days with 3 opt-ins. I did a few Facebook live videos instead of webinars. I only marketed to a few targeted groups."

 - Lia Kurtin Sip

Terra Headshot

"Your First 1K® has been ground breaking! This course helped me not ONLY to make my first $1k, but to have my first $6k month! I launched my first product using Mariah's lessons...and it did 5 times better than I thought it would. This course is going to be one re-visit quarterly to keep my methods on track and my launches and plans growing."

 - Terra Dawn

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Your First 1K® is easy to implement, it's simple but comprehensive.

We give you templates, scripts, and tools so you're not starting from scratch.


9 killer modules, each packed with easy-to-follow list-building and product creation lessons.

Workbook and Progress Tracker: 70-Page Workbook, your own Progress Tracker, 60 days of Printable day-by-day calendars, and more.

Foundation and Blitz strategies: your site becomes a conversion machine, & you land amazing windfalls.


Analytics, behind the scenes details, conversion rates for each strategy, and scripts. We're talking full-frontal:  EVERYTHING is exposed.

Resources & tech tutorials: easy to understand graphics, tech tutorials, and examples: I'm not just going to tell you how to do something, I'm going to show you.

Each module includes easy-to-follow lessons, templates, and scripts so you never get stuck!

Module 0: Email Foundations

  • Choosing your path: Simple or Pro
  • How to choose what platforms to use with pros and cons of each
  • Set up an account with your email provider system
  • Includes instruction on both ConvertKit and MailChimp

Module 1: Prepping Your Blog and Finding Your People

  • Create a simple landing page
  • Learn about different kinds of lead magnets
  • Create a lead magnet (with all types explained)
  • Choose and validate your first small product idea

Module 2: Blitz Versus Foundation Strategies

  • Discover the difference between Blitz and Foundation Strategies
  • Learn 8 Five-Minute Foundation Strategies
  • Implement 2-3 Five Minute Foundation strategies to kick start your list growth

Module 3: Upgrade Your Blog and Create a Simple Sales Page

  • Create simple content upgrades and install them on your site
  • Promote your content upgrades (aka getting traffic!)
  • Learn about the different types of products you can create and sell
  • Choose a name for your product or course
  • Create a simple pre-selling page

Module 4: New Strategies for Guest Blogging

  • Learn how to effectively pitch guest posts to anyone
  • Find your guest-posting opportunities with my own private resources
  • Land your first guest post and make it awesome
  • Learn and implement 3 unique “guest posting” strategies that work like crazy and do NOT require you to write anything (yes, these are super cool!)

Module 5: List-Building and Pre-Selling with Webinars

  • What you need to know to do your first ever webinar
  • Choosing a topic, outlining your content, and timing everything
  • Set up your 3 webinars pages
  • Easy tech trainings on everything
  • Promote your webinar in 5 ways

Module 6: Viral List Building and Pre-Launch

  • Create a viral giveaway that grows your list
  • Choose a prize and learn how to promote it effectively
  • All the trainings to set it up easily
  • Build anticipation for your upcoming product launch!

Module 7: Email Courses and Launch Sequences

  • Create a free email course using content you already have
  • Write your email course so that it doubles as a “nudge sequence” and funnel
  • Set it all up using simple tech trainings
  • Promoting your free course, which becomes your #1 list builder on autopilot
  • Discover the 3 different types of launch sequences
  • Choose the best sequence for YOUR product and write it using our simple templates.

Module 8: Preparing for Launch Traffic and Pre-Launch Planning

  • Optimize your site for increase in launch traffic
  • Prepare for your launch
  • What you need to know before you launch (policies, refunds, and other things to prepare for!)

Module 9: Closing Your Launch and Post-Launch Planning

  • 8 things you need to do after you launch to keep building your list every day
  • The difference between evergreen and open/close launches and how to choose
  • Review and assess your launch
  • How to bring in consistent sales after the launch

Welcome to the Your First 1K® Family!

When you join Your First 1K®, you're getting so much more than just another "course".

You're plugging into a built-in network of potential joint venture webinar partners, guest posting opportunities, business besties, and mastermind pals. Our students tell us that the community and support is the best part! Many business relationships, partnerships, and best friends find each other in our unique community!

Galit Breen

"I made just over $2K in sales and 1K subscribers from a pre-sale, a handful of joint webinars, and the list building strategies I learned in Your First 1K®. Then I surveyed my people and really looked at what they were saying. So I very quickly put together mini-offerings from things that I had created in YF1K that answered these needs and have not only already earned what I made from initially launching the bigger course, but more importantly: I've been able to help way more people, convert readers to customers, and not just amplify my message, but also make a career from it. There is a right way to do all of these things and YF1K gave the skills, know-how, confidence, and belief in myself to do these exact things. I can't thank you enough for this gift. I am SO PASSIONATE about helping parents and educators teach kids to be kind online and because of you and YF1K I'm lucky enough to have this be my job! #pinchme"

 - Galit Breen

"I'm really grateful to you! I got Your First 1K® and was able to make my first $1,000 from my first course and that was a great feeling. Your First 1K® did exactly what it promised and it gave me my first 12 students and first $1,200. And using thee “What to do after your launch” lesson, I was able to create a basic version of the course and sell it to 6 more students in a webinar."

 - Tomi Adeyemi

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 12.20.41 PM.png

Raving fans and email subscribers. A solid foundation.

The tools to build an audience and launch a small digital product.

A product, a digital asset, that you can sell again and again.

Are you ready to get your first 1,000 email subscribers and make your first small digital product?

"I seriously can't thank you enough, you have put my butt in gear and made me take my business up to the next level! Seriously, this course is so packed with such valuable info. I have focused on content upgrades + webinars. I have taken my list from 150 to about 550 in just about a month's time. This blows. my. mind. If I could have told myself that would happen, I would not have hesitated one bit about purchasing your course! This list growth confirms that your course is awesome!”

- Jamie Starcevich

"I can't believe how awesome this is - just over 24 hours in and I've already turned a 25 page ebook into a 4 week course, drafted a $97 product, built a landing page for my website and finalized my logo. Mariah, you are some kind of lady wizard! Today while on a tea break and thinking about how to plan out everything, I had my first official 'I really can do this and it's going to happen' feeling - and it made me feel so 'awake'. I really had NO idea this course would be so transformative."

- Penelope Neil

Ready to make Your First 1K?


Instant Access to 9 Killer Modules

Calendar, Progress Tracker, and Workbook

Resources, Workbooks, and Tech Trainings

Lifetime Access and Self-Paced

Private Facebook Group



Instant Access to 9 Killer Modules

Calendar, Progress Tracker, and Workbook

Resources, Workbooks, and Tech Trainings

Lifetime Access and Self-Paced

Private Facebook Group

 $579 $497


We wholeheartedly believe Your First 1K® is the best audience-building program, and have had hundreds of successful graduates. But we want you to feel confident in trying it out for yourself!

That's why we have a 100% Risk Free Guarantee. You can try Your First 1K®, and if you aren't satisfied, just ask us for a full refund by within 14 days of purchasing.

If you do the work, put in your best effort, and feel that we haven’t delivered on Your First 1K®, we will issue a 100% refund.

You can see our full refund policy here.


If you enrol in just ONE course this year, choose Your First 1K®. It really is as good as people say. I’ve surpassed my first 1K already, and the tips in this course are still priceless. It’s one of my all-time faves." 

 - Nesha Woolery


"You are going to loooove Your First 1K®. It’s the best investment I’ve made for my business.

 - Patty Schuster

Frequently Asked Questions:

+ How long do I need to devote to this? I have another job

Time investment: 2-4 hours per week plus product creation which really is different for everyone depending on your format (written, video, audio) and how you like to create. I've seen people create a product in a week, a day, or a month. But it depends on what format you choose. You have lifetime access so take as long as you need.

+ Do I have lifetime access?

Yes, including all future updates.

+ I have a decent list but I want to grow it more - are there powerful techniques that I can use to take it to the next level?

Absolutely. You will learn new ways to grow your audience and email list, how to launch, etc. I’ve used these same classic and timeless strategies to grow my list to 25,000+ and beyond, so it’s extremely scalable (you just keep doing more of what works).

+ I have a product, not a blog, that I want to grow a pre-launch list for. Is this for me?

Yes - growing a very focused pre-launch list is a great way to utilize this course.

+ I’m not sure what kind of product I want to create - is that okay?

You will be given the tools and framework to come up with an idea and choose a profitable product topic, but you will have to choose an idea in Week 2 and start making it.

+ Does the course have any networking/community aspect where the students would get to meet and participate with each other?

Yes! Your enrollment INCLUDES access to the private Your First 1K Community.

When you join Your First 1K® you'll be plugging into a built-in network of potential joint venture webinar partners, guest posting opportunities, business besties, and mastermind pals. Our students tell us that the community and support is the best part! Many business relationships, partnerships, and best friends find each other in our unique community!

All of the strategies are “platform agnostic”. The strategies aren't Squarespace specific, and you can definitely implement them with WP in different ways.

+ Is this suitable for beginners?

Yes, it is designed for people starting from scratch. You do NOT need to have an established blog audience or any followers to start.

+ It seems like a lot of your clients are business bloggers. Would your course and system still apply to me? My ultimate goal is to sell ebooks and classes in a different industry (food, health, fashion).

Most people in the course are not business bloggers, just people wanting to start a biz in all different niches. We have some fashion bloggers, food bloggers, writers, crafters, health coaches, photographers - everything! Seriously, this is NOT just for B2B entrepreneurs (though it works well for them too) - it’s for ANY niche.

+ Why is it so hard to grow your email list?

The most common problem I see with my clients and students is that they don’t know where to focus, so they try to do everything in a scattered way and the result is that nothing works.

If you’re not completely focused on the strategies and methods that bring the highest ROI and get the best results, building your email list can be slow and frustrating. You end up waiting to see one or two subscribers trickling in each day instead of creating systems that bring people flocking to hit "subscribe".

No. Stop. You can’t get great results in a short amount of time by spreading yourself out like that and throwing everything at the wall.

Getting 1000 subscribers is much simpler than that. It just requires you to focus on the RIGHT tactics and methods. And that’s what I teach in Your First 1K®.

+ Who is this for?

If you’ve tried everything - read the eBooks and the vague blog posts about “growing your blog with Pinterest” or “Making money with Amazon affiliate links” (written 5 years ago by people that got in early and keep giving out the same tired advice), but your email subscribers are crawling in one by one instead of flocking to hit subscribe in droves, THIS IS FOR YOU.

Bloggers who are ready to get serious about growing their audience and making money from their platform.

Bloggers who are frustrated by how little they are making from ads and sponsored posts and affiliate links and want to create real, recurring, meaningful revenue.

Bloggers who want to build a rock solid foundation of their future blogging empire and business.

Bloggers who are sick of watching their email subscribers crawl in one by one at a sloth’s pace.

Beginner bloggers who don’t want to mess around and want to start on the right path with the right strategies to get them on track fast.

+ What happens when I buy this course?

You will receive a confirmation email and INSTANT ACCESS to the entire course, all of the modules and lessons.

You can log in right away and get started immediately, no waiting necessary!

The whole point of this course is to give you the tools and guidance to stop over-thinking and over analyzing everything and just start getting subscribers and making money.

+ What if I am unhappy with the course?

Your First 1K® has a 14 day refund policy. When you purchase Your First 1K® you agree to the policy. Click here to view the full refund policy.

Ophelie Headshot

"This course gives me all the tools, resources, structure I needed to finally step up and launch an English version of my skills. I've been able to write a powerful sales page and to simplify how things work. More importantly, I've found 2 amazing entrepreneurs I'm gonna work with (as an introvert, it means a lot for me)."

 - Ophelie